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ninjas are not the most powerful asset our world

when i think about the order of the ninja and the powerful people thta have come and gone through the centuries to know, hold, grow, mold. shape and fund ninjas of all kinds, the vast amounts of kungpow chicken kickin that goes on is severly underrated and the safety and security some ninjas provide is a sevice that I desired by most and sought by some. though the evil ninjas of the late 13th century started a following that is still around today...the dreaded...

poopy nunchuck brotherhood of the whispering fart

the supreme ravaging of the lands they have caused is something that is still a serious concern for many people of the fine damp land. the yam yams arent safe, the cakes wont bake, and most importantly the fates won't taste. around the time of kingcropolis Henryquisha the XVII, there was a turmoil among the shifting dimensional stucture that happened to allow portals to be opened sending purple goats rainging down upon most of the people of the village. the goats smells like ruby hotcakes but emitted levels of dark energy and radiation so high that peoples bones were liquified like a marshmallow in a microwave.

for too long the times of people past and spent side by side with babies breth echos across the internal, internal, internal, me, what I feel is enjoyable, I know to give back, to thrive, what is this singular hive mind of dancing in and out of timbre and tone eith soon to be entombed ideals and repealed lawsuits and dog shoots, for the time being the mantle upon which the stone and fire burn through like hot wax off a lightbulb

why then should i, die, live, to sieve, like theiveing crime infested repudiated claims of sinister and founded upon the ideals, but what the hell is expected, i have done and been perfection in times of great ninja combat and now I choose to spend my day refracting back into other realities, times, areas of my mind, time, death, life, and the severing bond that love and matrimony bring with a sung song that sings like a bumblebee free of the creek and passions my undealt with, pointless yes, the time i've wasted my life, the love, my ninja powers are weak at times, I feel infested with the bugs, the stars wont throw right and the fright on the faces are growing and racing with the pace of an exewcution soon to be delivered and severed from the whole of humanity, but the greater ninjas of light try to fight and this....isuppose is where we are.