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hello to my site

show me one school shooter who was also the lead quartback for their football team and I'll show you JFK's living & breathing body

hello to all and to all a good day. well, or evening, I'm not sure where you live, but its good that you do! :D
my story is one of immense adventure and cacophony wept but healed and concealed within the rightoues adventakerous witherdo holdings.
withto or not the story of my life begins with a sneeze, ripped stitches and


haha just kidding! i'm just a normal kid from LABFACCON1113883324-outpost_0010028978



like a lot of kids just being

monitored and sampled and tested.

i've been focusing really hard on my ninjakoalasicko powers andi think they are getting a lto stronger, I think one day I might actually get to take the big chance and move to the outter districts to try and make my living as my elders did selling the dried tongues of the ostrich and emus to the local purple yam yam people. they use it as a psychedelic and sexual enhancement drug. the dried tongue of a special emu called 'suaveemu' can cause a connection and orgiastic explosion of cosmic power so energetic that your toes can shoot off your feet and you can explode into shards of raw beef jerky. the hurt we inflict is far beyond the measureo f sin which was reprehended by the soverign pug kings and pigs queen

the black will seep so deep that dreaming in black and white would seem like a heavenly treasure cove

soggy foggy dowggies...if i wa s a musician i would wuoite

the unicorn i was promised was elivered with mossy grunge and soggy bushwacks all over its foresnip. i wanteda fresh foresnip for my corncorn. i was gonna take it to the place where I go when the trailing calling of the past and future grinds to a stalling halt while the skies of milky way wonder orbits and sphereates into debates and rereakes that take the fate of the winds and give it to the cosmic question of why...why in who when though what and how, which way why of all the why's, for the whats and the hows I do ponder. the time is implorable either as a circle or unfounded line the sign that things is well...as they is is quite as it is , but why can't people, like , why can we seemingly try to get it, can't i. i am a failure, or a success, or both, or words don't exist.

times passed and I have found myself irreconcialable with who or what i am, maybe, not really...i know what I am, its the rest of the confused

ninja stuff!!!
koala stuff!!!
sicko stuff!!!